We're all made of shipwrecks.

The result of an arbitrary allocation of family, friends and environment. This blog is the nearest thing to an accurate depiction of who I am and what I like.

Title taken from Listener's 'Wooden Heart'

  1. Despite my best intentions I am still horrible at comforting people. 

    I don’t know what to do. 

    I’m sorry.

    This sucks.

  2. wevegottogettothesea:

    Flowers enjoy hotcakes

    Flowers have a nice walk home with their new friend, Sally

    Flowers meet Pipi. They become great buds right away!

    Flowers tells the best of jokes!

    Flowers loves napping with Pipi and Sally

    Flowers in her new home

    Looking good Flowers, looking good



  3. Summer fun


    I cannot even describe it.

    Love is a damn lazy word. It is unjustly brief and vague. It doesn’t explain what I feel or why I feel that way.

    In it’s present use - the I LOVE YOU SALLY use - it is a place holder for an ineffable and pervasive happiness that fills me with energy. 

    Argh. It’s just big.

    Summarily it is love. 

    My ability to explain and communicate is pathetic. Just know I’m happy. That’s what matters most. It’s a big thing.

  5. Viewing List for Sally and I

    * The Hobbit

    * The Master

    * Life of Pi

    * Django Unchained 

    * Lincoln

    * Zero Dark Thirty

    * Beasts of the Southern Wild

    * Silver Linings Playbook

  6. Mhmm

  7. Haiku Therapy.

    I’m becoming more stupid.

    Or perhaps less me.

  8. If happiness were an energy source…


  9. heh.


  10. Oh Turkey.

    Oh Turkey.



  12. Oh tumblr,

    I don’t give you enough attention.

    That’s not going to change. In fact, it’s going to get worse.

    I have a superior emotional outlet now. It’s fucking awesome. I’ll still post nice images I find, quotes too. Text posts will be few and far between from now on.

    Sorry, sort of. Not too much for anyone to miss though. Just needed a conceited exit I suppose.

    Bye for now.